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August 2018

Guémené-sur-Scorff, I had never heard of it until two years ago. Then I discovered it as I was looking for a house in Brittany, a place where I could make my new life project flourish, far from Rome, the Italian capital where I was born a few (many) years ago.

I found a place full of history, gastronomic culture (but I am a vegan and I did not taste the andouille), green and quiet, but with various services available and many tourist attractions and landscape all around...The house was perfect for my project: "petite cité de caractère" is the name with which this town is emblazoned and, not to be outdone, I think I have created a "petit gîte de caractère", a place where you can find the characteristics of a typical local house, but with flashes of Italian style (and some African touches), put together, I hope brilliantly, by my creative spirit, with ideas also dictated by the non-stellar budget.

But do not worry: the house is comfortable and completely "accessorized", thanks to the many objects accumulated over the years, in the hope of having a house of my own. Now I have it, but, in reality, it is not mine: it belongs to all those who want to come and see me.

There is something, however, that I cannot share: the cats from whom the gîte takes its name, my feline family that, despite itself, has faced this journey of abundant 1800 km... we reached our destination, but we still have a long way to go, in your company, at your service.



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